Tips For Living A Fashionable Fabulous Life as a Stay at Home Mom

Tips For Living A Fashionable Fabulous Life as a Stay at Home Mom

Can you avoid looking a mess while being comfortable and cute? Can you be a stylish mom without compromising your ability to be a fun mom? Can you look put together at home without taking hours to get ready? Yes! And with MomMe And More Boutique style tips we will show you how. 


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Start by anticipating what your day holds and dress accordingly. MomMe And More has a huge selection of trendy mom fashions.  What is your daily scheduling? Will you have little ones at home with you all day?  Will you be meeting friends for lunch?  Will you be running errands or rushing to pick up kids from school? Anticipate your daily schedule and dress according to your needs.  If you have four appointments, a hair cut and grocery shopping pick flats over high heels!  
The first important step in achieving chic but mom-friendly style is knowing and embracing your style. More specifically, your at-home fashion style with the help of MomMe And More Boutique. Some of you would feel silly wearing jewelry around the house. Others just can’t function in anything dressier than leggings and a tank top. With today's fashion style leggings and a tank top can be extremely cute and trendy. 

Your personal preferences are important to understand and embrace, otherwise you will feel out of sync and soon drop the effort to be put together on a daily basis. Make a list of what's important for you to start your new routine.  Browse a trendy fashion boutique like MomMe And More or social media like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and find moms who have a style you admire.  Making lists of fashions pieces you want to incorporate in to your new look. Start slow and add a new piece each week. Try a signature poncho, cardigan or sweater this week.  Next week add in black leggings, tall boots and trendy tunics.  Becoming the stylish mom you see on Instagram and Facebook is within your reach if you start slow.  It might take a little extra time but the benefit to your mood, family and over health will far outweigh the time needed to do a little something extra for yourself. 


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I think we all share a common goal that is to look put together but also to be comfortable for whatever the day holds. You can achieve this if you keep some simple strategies in mind. For a put-together look focus on clothes that fit and are in style from MomMe And More Boutique.  Clothes that are in style will revolutionize your life and attitude. Browse MomMe And More Boutique to get ideas and acquainted with stylish stay-at-home mom clothes.  Focus on fit. Sometimes less is more! It’s better to have just 2-3 great fitting tops, dresses, jeans and leggings on rotation over a drawer-full of worn-out baggy leggings.

Start by cleaning out your closet and donate clothes you don't like, don't fit or are worn out.  It may take awhile to embrace the scary concept of throwing out most of your less-than-perfect collection of clothes, but once you do all your favorite pieces will finally get a chance to shine. You will fall in love with your wardrobe again!  When you are happy with what you wear, your day just runs smoother. 

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One of the most important parts of looking put together (that does not involve much time) is makeup. Add a quick basic makeup and hair routine and you’re good to go. On most days your makeup should only take 5-10 minutes.  Give it a try and you will find that without it, it doesn’t matter what you wear because you may still feel "undone".  A little makeup to brighten my eyes, lips and cheeks makes all the difference in your daily mood.


For a put-together look focuses on a clean fresh appearance. Some on-trend stylish clothes can be found at MomMe And More Boutique. We recommend investing in a few staple and signature pieces. Remember to start slow and add more over time.  Here is a list of some stay-at-home mom fashions:

These are just a few fashion ideas. Do you have any cute fashion styling tips for stay at home moms?  Drop us a note below and share your fabulous fashion tips for stay at home moms. 


Mommy and Me Blessings



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