The Best Plus Size Jeans For Women - Love Wearing Jeans Again!

The Best Plus Size Jeans For Women - Love Wearing Jeans Again!

YES, You Can Love Wearing Jeans!

It's time to love wearing your jeans again.  We found the best distressed, solid, dark wash, skinny plus size jeans for Women and they are under $30!  If you are like most Women you have an entire closet full of jeans and hate them all. Why do those jeans look so cute on the mannequin in the store?  Why do they look so stretchy and comfortable in that commercial but in reality they just don't fit right.  We have found the best plus size jeans for Women (that won't break the bank) at MomMe And More Boutique.

Why Are So Many Jeans Uncomfortable?

In my experience jeans are uncomfortable because they are not designed for your average sized Woman (which is 12/14/16).  Most Women size 12/14/16 have weight carried in their stomach.  Our bodies are created to carry babies and that happens in the mid-section.  Often time it's almost impossible to get back to that flat stomach your had prior to child birth.  Most jeans have buttons, hooks and zippers that are constantly digging into your stomach and that is painful and uncomfortable (speaking from experience here). It's time to change that!

Comfort Fit MomMe And More Jeans:

Comfort fit stretch jeans are not actually jeans! Technically they are referred to as jeggings but in all other respects (other than that nasty typical waistband) they are jeans. The main difference is the waistband. No more buttons. No More Hooks. No more zippers. These jeggings have an extremely comfortable stretchy waistband that does not dig into your stomach. The fabric is designer quality with real front and back pockets. They distress the jeans just like normal jeans with real holes, fading and stone wash techniques. MomMe And More Boutique has many style jeggings to chose from; solid jeans, distressed jeans, ripped jeans, dark wash jeans, light wash jeans and more. Bonus, they all have the comfort fit waistband and available in sizes small to 3xl. It's time to love wearing jeans again and now you can at MomMe And More Boutique.

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If your ready to love wearing jeans again try MomMe And More Boutique jeans and use discount code: HAPPY15 to save 15% off your first order of comfort fit jeans!  You will be so happy you did.  
Mommy and Me Blessings

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