Step By Step Instructions How To Wear Any Leggings as Capri

Step By Step Instructions How To Wear Any Leggings as Capri

Step By Step Instructions on How to Wear Full Length Leggings as Capri

How cute are these capri leggings from MomMe And More? Adorable! Did you know you can make any full length leggings into capri leggings?  Continue Reading to find out how with our easy step by step guide!


It's hot and Summer is in full swing.  Wishing you could wear your amazing MomMe And More Leggings as capris? You Can!  Did you know you can wear any full length leggings as capri length?  I know you are super excited right now! Me too!

I LOVE capri length leggings.  They have so many benefits including:

  • The overall look of capris are very trendy
  • They are playful, whimsical and sexy with heals
  • They look fabulous with booties, which are still very trendy
  • They are more associated with fun and style
  • They are acceptable in many office dress codes on casual Friday
  • They keep you cooler in the summer
  • They can be dressed up or down
  • They fold small for travel and flying
  • They go from day to night with ease

Now grab your favorite pair of MomMe And More Leggings and follow these instructions:

  • Gently put on your MomMe And More Leggings (Picture #1)
  • Gently hold your leggings at about mid calf or where you would like them to stop on your leg. (Picture #2)
  • Gently pull upward and outward until you reach the desired length. (Picture #2)
  • Tuck the excess fabric under and run fingers under to smooth fabric. (Picture #3)
  • Gently fold fabric back down on your leg and adjust so hem is even all around the calf (Picture #4)
  • Repeat steps 1-4 on your other leg and check to make sure length matches on both legs. (Picture #5)

Now we have many styles of capri leggings in stock at MomMe And More so if you prefer to purchase them at capri length then just scroll down ⬇⬇⬇ to see our entire collection of Capri Leggings.  But isn't it great to know you can turn any full length legging into Capris? How fun and easy is that?  Your Summer wardrobe just totally expanded!  Your Welcome!

Do you have a neat style you like to wear your leggings?  Drop us a comment and share your style secret.  Have a very cool Summer in your capri or full length Leggings from MomMe And More. The best leggings on the market. Guaranteed!


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