How To Raise Your Daughter With Positive Self-Esteem

How To Raise Your Daughter With Positive Self-Esteem

How To Raise Your Daughter With Positive Self-Esteem
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Raising children is hard work.  Ask any parent. Raising daughters with positive self-esteem in today's society is even harder.  Fortunately there are some steps you can take to help your daughter overcome low self-esteem.  
Spending time with your daughter is of utmost importance to help build her self-esteem but in today's world of electronics, screen time and social media this may be harder than in years past.  It's best to plan family time into your schedule just as you would any important engagement.  Boost your daughters self-esteem by spending time together doing the following activities:


She looks up to you and wants to be just like mommy. Another fantastic way to help build her self esteem is wearing matching mommy and me outfits from MomMe And More Boutique. Because you're not just her mom, you're her world. What better way to build her self esteem than to let her emulate her hero,You!  

A compliment goes a long way!  When you are wearing matching fashions you will get compliments everywhere you go.  People just love to see mothers and daughters dressed alike.  It's very heart warming.  If you have never tried wearing mommy and me fashions give it a try from  You'll be surprised how wonderful you and your daughter feel.  

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You could also spend time together at a basketball or baseball game, horse back riding, take a photography or yoga class together, walk the dog or a simple bike ride.  Whatever you decide to do, do it together and you will help your daughter grow up with a healthy positive self esteem.

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What do you do to help your daughter when she is feeling low.  Drop us a note and share your ideas for empowering your daughter.



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