How To Find the Perfect Size Leggings

How To Find the Perfect Size Leggings


It seems leggings are everywhere and for this blog post let's just assume that we all agree Leggings are Pants!!!  You only need to Google Leggings and you will see many choices, printed leggings, solid leggings, tall leggings, short leggings, one size leggings, TC leggings, OS leggings.  How do you know what size to buy? Here at MomMe And More we can help.



Each company being it MomMe And More, Lularoe, Lululemon, Target, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, JCPenny or Koral will have their own sizing chart but there is a  general sizing for many leggings brands and they are basically One Size and Plus Size.  Many leggings can fall into this sizing chart

OS: One Size Fit Women Pants Sizes 0-10 or Small, Medium & Large
TC-Plus: Tall Curvy Plus Fit Women Pants Sizes 12-18 or 1x, 2x, 3x


As an example lets review MomMe And More (our favorite brand) of buttery soft leggings. Even softer than Lularoe. The OS or One Size will fit women and juniors from sizes 0-10 or even size 12 in our testing. The fabric is amazingly soft and really does stretch to accommodation all these sizes.  How can they do that? With 8% Spandex. They are comfortable all day long and hold their shape wash after wash without pilling.  Searching for the perfect black leggings?  MomMe And More has the best solid black leggings on the market.  A rich dark black leggings that does not fade, holds ups to squats, relaxing or play dates with the kids. 


MomMe And More Plus size leggings will accommodate women sizes 12-18 without being too tight or too loose. They really are the perfect plus size leggings and with the 8% Spandex they hold in your tummy for a fantastic slimming affect. MomMe And More Boutique has a huge selection of plus size leggings.  Unique hard to find printed leggings like women's horse printed leggings, dog printed leggings including Boston Terrier, Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer and Hound Dogs.  MomMe And More has boat printed leggings, bike printed leggings, skull printed leggings, unicorn printed leggings, 4th of July American Flag Holiday printed leggings and even matching mommy and me leggings.  



Do you wear leggings? Do you have a favorite brand or pattern you love? Drop a comment and let us know.  And don't be afraid to try leggings no matter what size you are!  Once you do, you'll be hooked!


Pamela, Blogger~Entrepreneur


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