Back to School Shopping on a Budget

Back to School Shopping on a Budget

Affordable tips and tricks to help you stick to your Back to School budget!


When many of us think of back to school shopping we think of searching all over for deals and hoping it fits into our budget. Today, I'm going to show you where you can find the best Back to School deals and stay within your budget at MomMe And More Boutique.

Back to school shopping can be easy and fun at MomMe And More Boutique

  • Priced Below Retail
  • Stay in your budget
  • Less stressful

It's Back to School Shopping time, again!  Didn't we just do this?  It may seem that way but it's been a year and back to school shopping is here again.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you with your back to school shopping and stay within your budget with the help of MomMe And More Boutique.  A fun online retailer with amazing fashions for Back to School and priced below retail. 


Regardless of your child’s age, they will always need supplies for school. It may vary as the years go by, but they’ll always need things. Here are my top tips to help you save money on school supplies.



Most people accumulate extra school supplies from prior years.  Start looking around your house in drawers, cupboards and old backpacks for school supplies before you head to the store to buy new.  You may be able to cut your school supply list in half!  


Dealing with crowds for back to school shopping is always annoying.  Standing in lines, searching the picked over shelves and bins only to find they are sold out of half of the school supplies your child needs.  Avoid the stores completely and order your school supplies online. Bonus, you can shop in your leggings! Can't get any easier than that.  


A huge part of your budget will be on your child's back to school wardrobe.  Back to school clothes can cost hundreds of dollars and can truly cause a great deal of stress and angst for parents trying to stick to a budget for back to school shopping.  Here are some tips I have used to save money on back to school clothes from MomMe And More Boutique

Let's visit these points closer! 

Shop at MomMe And More Boutique: MomMe And More girls fashions are outstanding.  Shop leggings, dresses, tops, cardigans, big hair bows, ponchos, tutus, and so much more.

Shop All Year Long: Many back to school clothing items like leggings can be purchased anytime of year.  When you visit MomMe And More and see a print you know your little one will love, order them up!  Buying leggings for school all year long takes the burden off your budget when Back to School shopping comes around. MomMe And More makes Back to School shopping so easy and convenient. Bonus, all fashions are priced below retail and they have free shipping with discount code FREESHIP so you will stay within your budget. 

Leave the Kids at Home: If you must go to your local store then opt to leave the kids at home. Now leaving your kids at home when you go back to school shopping may sound counter productive but I have found it can actually be much less stressful.  Ask your children to make a list of their must have back to school outfits. Then head to the store alone to shop in peace.  If a question comes up snap a screen shot of the clothing and text it to your child for approval.  You can even use the facetime app and "show" them the clothes.  If in doubt buy more than one size and return the items that don't fit.  This method works particularly well with boys! 

Order Online at MomMe And More Boutique:  The selection of Back to School Clothes at MomMe And More is HUGE!  Why run around searching from store to store for your daughter's must have camouflage printed leggings?  You probably won't find them in your local store and if you do, will they have her size? Make back to school shopping easy and order school clothes online at MomMe and More Boutique.    


Here's hoping you have a wonderful Back To School Shopping Experience AND stay within your budget!

Do you have any tips for back to school shopping on a budget? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.


Mommy and Me Blessings


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