A Helpful Illustrated Guide: What To Wear After Age 50

A Helpful Illustrated Guide: What To Wear After Age 50

Fabulous 50 is Here!

Are you over age 50 and just don't know what to wear?  MomMe And More is here to help!  Our step by step guide on what to wear after age 50 is the answer to all you fashion dilemmas.  The next time you need a new outfits for that big day, celebration or Holiday party, reference our step by step guide on what to wear after age 50 and update your wardrobe with ease.  I love all the headlines that say things like “50 Is The New 20,” and I couldn’t agree more. 

Jeans, Dark Wash & Distressed! 

You really can’t go wrong with a great pair of jeans or even pull on Jeggings for comfort. Opt for slim fit, straight-leg or boot-cut options. Even distressed jeans look good after age 50 paired with a cute cardigan or poncho. Make sure they fit well on your butt and hips. You can always have them tailored for the perfect fit. Jeans look great dressed up or down, or paired with boots, booties, or flats!
Womens outfits for over age 50

Touchable Tunics!

Style is style, at any age, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to attain it.  One up-and-coming boutique, MomMe And More, has fabulous fashions for over fifty and great prices!  Searching for new Fall fashion tops? MomMe And More has a huge selection of adorable age appropriate Fall Fashion Tunics. Click on any picture for more details.

Cardigans & Kimonos!

Pair these fabulous fall fashion tunics from MomMe And More Boutique with leggings, jeans, kimonos and cardigans. Cardigans are one of my personal favorite go-to fashion pieces. They’re great year-round, either for keeping warm in cooler temperatures or just for covering up your arms. A layered look is a trendy fashion style that elevates every outfit to another level.  Keep that youthful edge and dress your age with easy cardigans that provides a layered look you'll love at every age. Just click any photo for more details.


Accessorize Your Assets!

You've heard it before, it's all in the details. Adding fashion accessories to any outfit is what takes your look from ordinary to fab!  Throw on a cardigan, blanket scarf, poncho or cute hat and step out in style. Want these stunning pieces? Just tap any photo to purchase.

Tank Tops are Tops!

Just hear me out on this one! I’m not saying wear tank tops by themselves, but do wear them when layering with a jacket, cardigan or other outerwear. They help smooth things out in the middle area and they can add cute and interesting detail to an outfit as well. Look for tanks that fit snugly and that are long enough to stay tucked in to your jeans or leggings. MomMe And More has an amazing selection of tank tops for all size Women. 

Sometimes you just want to be comfortable and it's so easy to have both comfort and style at MomMe And More Boutique.  Start with comfort fit layering cami's over leggings.  Add a long tank top, cardigan, scarf and boots! WOW! A cute trendy outfit that's as comfortable as it is cute. Similar to this style: 
MomMe And More Boutique has much more than matching mother daughter outfits.  They have adorable fashions for Women of all ages. Do you have any fashion tips for Women after age 50? Drop us a note and share your ideas.
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