How To Instantly Look Slimmer!

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How To Instantly Look Slimmer!

5 Fashion Tips To Instantly Look Slimmer!
#1. Wear MomMe And More Black Leggings. MomMe And More Solid black leggings are very slimming.  They go with everything, are super comfortable and spandex gives them a smoothing affect. Voted #1 Best Solid Black Leggings
#2. Choose V-Neck Style Tunic Tops. This purple V-Neck top from MomMe And More draws the eye to a slimming point on the body creating an elongated flattering look. This style top has the added benefit of a 4" banded waist adding another slimming affect. On Sale Now.
#3. Opt for a Long Maxi Dress!  Wearing a long Maxi dress gives the illusion of height. Furthermore, when a dress ends at the slimmest part of your leg it gives the illusion that your entire leg is also this size.  A Maxi dress with a higher waist band also conceals your tummy. Just like this floral Maxi Dress from MomMe And More.
#4. Pick A Long Cardigan or Kimono. A long cardigan or kimono gives a polished look and creates a long slimming affect.  Choose a solid colored Cardigan or asymmetric hem to instantly look thinner.  MomMe And More has many Cardigans and Dusters to chose from in many sizes.
#5 Monochromatic!  Dressing in one color from head to toe is very slimming.  This trick works with any color but is especially true with solid black. This solid black dress and solid black leggings outfit is less than $50.  Now that's a great trick and a great price.
Do you have any tips or tricks to help you look slimmer?  Drop a note and share your slimming fashion hacks.  
All fashions in this article are from MomMe And More and are available for purchase below!

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